Peroxaan Studios

A development company that aims to innovate the apps and services you use daily.

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Our Apps


A new, fun, multiplayer drawing game from Peroxaan!


Azurite easily allows you to check information on stocks and more.


Clicker is a mobile game for when you're bored and want to play something.


A different take on a camera app. We focus on things that most don’t.


Talon is designed to make your life easier. Webhooks, made simple.


Ruby is a News app with a customizable experience, built for you.

The Team

Michael Burkhardt

CEO of Peroxaan Studios, Head of iOS Development


Peroxaan Studios Project Manager and Backend Dev


Head of Windows Development at Peroxaan Studios.


Head of Android Development at Peroxaan Studios.

Our Partners

Sun Apps

Sun Apps is a budding development company that currently has 3 apps on the App Store. Its creator, Dylan McDonald, also helps with design at Peroxaan.

Velocity Apps

Velocity Apps is an upcoming development company run by Noah Evans, developer of Your Thoughts, What's Cooking, DriveDirect, and more!


VectorStudios is a wonderful App Development group, built by William Jones. They're in the proccess of making Spork, and more!