Peroxaan Studios

The Shut Down: Making Way for Something New

After a solid 6.5 years of starting projects, messing around, releasing things, and having fun - it is finally time for Peroxaan to shut down.

The Beginning

I started Peroxaan Studios when I was 12 years old, just as a brand to mess around and showcase things I was working on. I started off making little drawing apps for Windows in JavaFX, to making a website to mess with Discord webhooks (eventually became the app Talon), and had a bunch of random projects in between. I met a lot of people and had a lot of fun, and eventually got into making iOS apps in late 2019, which is how most of you discovered Peroxaan.


Making iOS apps was a great outlet for me, and it allowed me to put my skills to work, creating things that a lot of people used - and these skills will undoubtedly last a life time. I’ve experimented with a lot of different apps, most of them never leaving TestFlight - but it was just fun to work on things, especially considering the context of the Covid Pandemic. Between Talon being on the front page of the Mac App Store for multiple weeks, to Talon being shown in the March 2022 Apple Event, to all of the mentions of Ruby in various news articles - it truly has been a joy.

But the reality is that I’m 18 now, and I really want to build things with everlasting impact, and those things don’t fit within the scope of Peroxaan. So in short, I’m shutting down Peroxaan to make room for something new.

In hindsight this should’ve happened sooner (probably about a year ago) but I was so busy with High School at the time that it really didn’t matter. Peroxaan was never a scalable business, nor was it really meant to be. But to give some numbers, I’ve made around $3000 off of my few years on the App Store (although a good chunk of that came from the Apple Settlement for small developers) - so I’m pretty happy with what came of the thing I started at 12 years old, not to mention all of the connections and friendships made along the way.

I’d like to thank some of my close friends in the dev space who kept my company and pushed me throughout the years - such as Ethan, Dylan, Aether, Nick, Landon, Andy, Vedant, and others. You guys really are the best.

The Apps

As for the apps, each of them has a plan.

Talon & Acrylic will be acquired by my good friend Andy Lin, someone who I inspired to get into SwiftUI and iOS Development. I spent a fair bit of time late last year rewriting Talon in SwiftUI, leaving a new foundation to be built upon. Talon has a growing userbase with a few hundred monthly active users, so I think it’ll be a good project for him to run. Additionally, theres plenty of different user suggestions to implement.

Same goes for Acrylic, which I acquired after Ethan Lipnik joined Apple last year. It’s a cool project with a lot of potential, just not something I’ll be pursuing.

Evergreen, which I acquired from Dylan McDonald in 2022, will be shut down. I think there’s a lot that needs to be done in the finance space, but Evergreen isn’t the right foundation for it. It was a simple budgeting app, but there’s lots of better ones on the App Store.

Ruby will continue to be personally maintained by me! Currently working on a new v2.1 update for iOS, macOS, and watchOS to improve feed quality among other pretty cool things. Excited to share more with that eventually. You can keep up with Ruby at its website.

The End

Some of you who’ve known me for years might be reading this as disappointing news, but I’m honestly really excited for what moving on will allow me to build. An archive of the Peroxaan website will be available here.

Rest in Peace Peroxaan, 7/12/17-2/20/24. While this is the end of Peroxaan, it’s really just a new beginning for me. Truly excited to share what I have planned for 2024!